How to play Ludo

Ludo is a simple board game that can be played by 2 to 4 people. The origins of the game go as far back to the 6th century where it was played as 'pachisi' in India. Some of the earlier depictions of this game can be found in the caves of Ajanta.

Ludo has 4 pieces of a single color and a dice with which it is played. At the start of the game, the players choose their colors. At this stage all the 4 pegs lie in what is often called the 'house'. The objective of the game is to move from one area and follow a path to ultimately enter the specific house of the same color as your peg.

The board is divided into squares and it is generally a square marked with a cross. Each of the hands of the cross is divided into three rows and this forms the path that each player is expected to take. The roll of the dice and chance is extremely important in this game and one needs a '6' to be able to take the peg out of the initial house to start moving through the path. In case you have a situation where the peg of another player lands on the same square as you, you will be sent back home where you will again need another '6' to take the peg out of the house.

The dice is thrown again if you get a six as is the case in most rolling games. The number of squares that you move can be split if you have a six and another number in the same manner as you have thrown them and this can be done between 2 pegs. A throw of three 6's results in a null and void turn where you do not move the pegs at all!



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