What are the variations of monopoly that exist in the market?

Monopoly is a very popular game that is played by many families on a leisurely day. While gaming has seen a completely new turn with video games, mobile phone games and the like, there are still many people who are hooked on to board games and prefer them for the social interaction that they allow. Monopoly is a game that has been in vogue for many years and over time it there have been various...


What are some of the common terms used in board game?

The jargon that is used in board games tends to be extremely specific to the board game that one is referring to. However, there are some terms that can be considered to be fairly common across a large number of board games. The game board is what the flat cardboard surface is called in all games. This surface typically has different patterns, squares and locations based on the game being played...


What are the characteristics of a German style board game?

German style board games started to evolve in the 1980's and took off in a large way. These are essentially tabletop games that have relatively simple rules so that almost anyone can play them. These are not games that require a large level of training or practice and can be played once you have become familiar with the rules. Typically German style games fall between abstract games like che...


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